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Listen to the Sweet Sounds of Sage & Stone

We play a mixture of Folk rock, country, and classic rock. Some might say there are hints of reggae and jazz in our originals as well. 

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Corie and Steve playing music in front of the La Grande mural
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The Scoop On Sage & Stone

Here is an Interview going in-depth on our newest release Silver Lining:


Some video clips !

Another one:

One More !

About Sage & Stone

Sitting in the middle of the PNW Blue Mountains lives an acoustic duo. Their music flows through the wind to bring everyone good times with the sounds of original music, acoustic classic rock, and country covers!

Steve Mclaughlin looking at records with wine and glasses on the table

The Guitarist

You can find Steve playing an assortment of instruments in Sage & Stone, but you will mainly see him playing the acoustic guitar. Steve has spent his whole life in the high desert, around music, and can't seem to get away from it. Recently retired from the medical field, he has dedicated the majority of his time to refining his craft. 

The Vocalist

Corie can be found singing and playing the flute. Similar to Steve, Corie grew up around music and currently works in the medical field. Corie hails from Utah and she truly brings her unique style of vocals to Sage & Stone. Corie spends most if not all of her free time refining her craft as well.


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Steve and Corie the musical duo members looking at the Grande Ronde Valley Triumphantly
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